Al Darmaky Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental (QHSE) POLICY


In support of its Company Vision and Mission, and being a leading- contractor of various projects involving Landscaping; Irrigation; Greenhouse Construction; Steel, Civil and Shade Structure Construction; Public Parks Maintenance; and Supply of Agricultural Materials and Equipment, Al Darmaky Contracting and Agricultural Materials strives to achieve business excellence and customer satisfaction by being fully committed to a continually improving Integrated – Quality, Health/ Safety and Environmental- Management System.

In view of its context internal and external environment, Al Darmaky’s QHSE (IMS) Policy is to provide high quality services and products which shall:

• Satisfy and exceed the needs of its interested parties through continual improvement driven by innovation and team effort;
• Continually improve the general health & safety of employees, and environmental conservation; and
• Work towards a Greener future for the UAE community.

In pursuit of this, Al Darmaky will be guided by these Business Frameworks in setting Objectives:

• Understand and anticipate the needs of the market and the external environment, including relevant risks and opportunities;
• Understand and commit to the requirements of clients and interested parties;
• Ensure availability and quality of resources used in all our projects;
• Continuously enhance business processes, control outsourced processes, maintain its organizational knowledge, review its effective implementation, and measure performance against set objectives.
• Train, motivate and develop employees to carry out their activities correctly, safely and efficiently in accordance with the requirements of the QHSE management system and all relevant legislations.
• Promote conservation and optimal use of resources by continuous improvement in technology and operational practices;
• Promote recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention by measuring and reducing waste and emissions.
• Continuously assess all work activities, systems, workplaces, materials and substances used in the delivery of our services for QHSE risks and adequately communicate these risks to all parties.
• Develop and maintain defined HSE objectives and targets to minimize risks, prevent work-related injury and ill health, accidents, and effectively manage environmental impacts, waste and the use of non- renewable energy
• Comply with the relevant latest issue of the International Standards and all applicable legal requirements connected with QHSE matters

This policy shall be communicated to all employees in the organization, customers, business partners and relevant interested parties. At Al Darmaky, everyone shall be encouraged to support, and be fully committed to its implementation.

مهندس Yahya Al Kodmani
General Manager

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