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Euphorbia larica

A succulent perennial, stems erect from base, up to 150cm. Lower stems woody, brown. Younger stems light green, some branching. Milky sap exuded when stems are broken. Leaves much reduced and virtually absent. Inflorescence glistening yellow-green, terminal, with conspicuous stamens. Fruit a round capsule c. 1 cm across, 6 segments with 2 seeds each.

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Euphorbia larica

Origin:عزبج – إسباق
Category: Native Plants of UAE
Common Name: Assbag – Azbij
Flower Colour:Inconspicuous
Drought Tolerance:High
Salinity Tolerance:High
Sun Tolerance:High
Wind Tolerance:High
Water-Logg Tolerance:Low
pH Level: Basic
Pest Tolerance:High
Disease Tolerance:High
Growth Rate:Slow
Fragrance: No
Growth Habit:Bushy

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