Atriplex leucoclada (رغل محلى)

Atriplex leucoclada

Evergray shrub, 5ft, gray leaves, Native to dry areas, western U.S.. Needs full sun. It becomes very drought tolerant after a few good waterings. The whole plant is edible (yuk!). The seeds can be ground into meal. The young shoots used as greens. Burn the leaves and the ashes used as baking powder. Plant useful as gray screen in the interior. Alkali tolerant, ground cover or specimen. A very good bird plant. If you are planting in a rabbit or deer area cage the plant until the foliage reaches 3-4ft at least. (Note: The Atriplexs from arid environments have a C4 photosynthetic pathway which is generally a more efficient way for the plant to conserve water. They will defoliate under extreme drought. The salt they accumulate in their leaves allows them to extract water from the soil other plants cannot.They need to be under some form of water stress, either drought, salt, or salt spray. The Atriplex species tolerate and remove the excess salts by bladders in their leaves that act as salt sinks, keeping the salt from the plant cells. As the old leaves are shed or eaten the salt is removed from the plant. Atriplex confertiflora can handle 30 ppm Boron in solution.

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Atriplex leucoclada

Category: Shrub
Common Name: Bastard
Flower Colour:Yellow
Drought Tolerance:High
Salinity Tolerance:High
Sun Tolerance:High
Wind Tolerance:High
Water-Logg Tolerance:Low
pH Level: Alkaline
Pest Tolerance:High
Disease Tolerance:High
Growth Rate:Fast
Growth Habit:Clump-forming

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