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Washingtonia Robusta

Commonly seen at 40 to 50 feet but capable of soaring to 80 feet in height, Washington Palm is quickly recognized as the much-used, straight, single trunked street palm of years past. The lower leaves persist on the tree after they die, forming a dense, brown, shaggy covering below the living, bright
green, broad, fan-shaped leaves, giving it the common name of petticoat palm. These dead fronds are known to be a fire hazard and a popular bedding roost for rodents and, because of this, must be removed by law in some areas. The sharply barbed leaf petioles and tall, thin trunks make frond removal a rather unpleasant task, but some people think the rapid growth rate and statuesque appearance more than make up for this trouble.

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♦ Origin: UAE
♦ Category: Palms
♦ Family: Arecaceae
♦ Common Name: Mexican Fan Palm, Skyduster.
♦ Flower Color: White
♦ Drought Tolerance: Medium
♦ Salinity Tolerance: High
♦ Sun Tolerance: High
♦ Wind Tolerance: Medium
♦ Water-Logg Tolerance: Low
♦ pH Level: Basic
♦ Pest Tolerance: High
♦ Disease Tolerance: Low
♦ Growth Rate: Medium
♦ Fragrance: No
♦ Growth Habit: Single Trunk

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size, and arrangement may differ from the photo.

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