Teucrium stocksianum (جعدة)

Teucrium stocksianum

Dense, compact, aromatic perennial herb, hemispherical in outline up to 30 cm high and across, rootstock woody, stems erect very much branched and whitish in color. Leaves simple, opposite or in whorls, sometimes packed very densely on stems, 0.5-1.5cm long, sessile , oblong to linear, grey green; with hairs on both surfaces, margin crenate , distinct midribs, inside branches usually leafless. Flowers in terminal racemose inflorescences, small and white creamy to pinkish in color, with darker pink veins, upper lip 2-lobed,arching, with protruding stamens, larger lower lip 3-lobed. Fruit nut with 4 nutlets.

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Teucrium stocksianum

Height: 30cm
Origin: جعده
Category: Native Plants of UAE
Family: Lamiaceae
Common nema:Wrinkle
Flower Colour:White
Drought Tolerance:High
Salinity Tolerance:High
Sun Tolerance:High
Wind Tolerance:High
Water-Logg Tolerance:Low
pH Level: Basic
Pest Tolerance:High
Disease Tolerance:High
Growth Rate:Slow
Fragrance: No
Growth Habit:Mound-forming


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