Yucca desmetiana (يؤؤكا)

Yucca desmetiana

This rare, soft leaved Yucca hybrid has a columnar rosette
growth habit, and new green and mature burgundy foliage
persisting on the trunk. Mature specimens may have multiple
trunks and flower with cream bellflowers in summer.
Suitable specimen plant for gardens or containers, providing good colour contrast and foliage interest.
New foliage emerges green, matures burgundy then loses colour as it ages. Leaves are broad, pliable and droop gracefully, with a short terminal spine. Columnar rosette to 1.2m.
Grow in free draining, fertile soil, in full sun to light shade position. Once established very hardy, well able to withstand heat and drought conditions. Responds well to fertiliser and water during the growing season however, water sparingly during the winter months.

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Yucca desmetiana

Category: Succulent
Common Name: Blue Boy
Flower Colour:White
Drought Tolerance:High
Salinity Tolerance: High
Sun Tolerance:High
Wind Tolerance:High
Water-Logg Tolerance:High
pH Level:Basic
Pest Tolerance:High
Disease Tolerance:High
Growth Rate:Fast
Growth Habit:Carpet

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant color, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.

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