Ficus Panda-Ficus Retusa (فيكس باندا)

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Ficus Panda 3 heads (also known as Ficus Retusa) is a commonly known ornamental plant tree that belongs to the family of fig trees. This plant tree comes in various shapes and sizes and tolerance to low growth conditions could make them a popular focal point at your outdoor home gardens or patios. Main reason for that is their look of a typical tree with 3 heads of spreading canopy and a single trunk. Ficus Panda 3 heads are Ficus plants that range in-between from large trees – woody shrubs – trailing vines.

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Height: 1.70 Mtr
Pot Size: 30 Ltr Pot
Origin: Local
Category: Ornamental Tree

Ficus Panda 3 heads (Ficus Retusa) perform well when kept in presence of Bright indirect or filtered light or even medium light. Water them moderately in Summer, and less during winter and rainy. Always check the dryness of soil first. Use well-drained, humusy and rich soil. Ideal temperature must be above 16-degree Celsius and growth will thrive when kept above 21 degree Celsius. And in terms of feeding purpose, In the beginning of the growing season, feed them with slow release pellets. Fertilize once a month in the spring and summer & once every 2 months in the fall and winter. It’s not Pet-friendly plant because Ficus contains some type of chemical compound, that when ingested in any way, could cause irritation of the mouth, vomiting and excessive drooling, hence they are not friendly enough to be grown around pets and children.

Dimensions 200 cm
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