Variegated Peperomia (ببروميا مخطط)

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Peperomia Marble

The Peperomia Obtipan biocolor is the brother of the Peperomia Obtipan. They are different regarding to the color of the plants. The Peperomia obtipan is striking because of the variegated colors of the leaf. This plant is a compact and multicolour plant that is easy to grow. This plant fits perfectly with other plants like Message in a bottle and bambino plants.
This fun plant originated in Mexico. The Peperomia family is a very large plant family of about 500 ornamental plants and is related to the pepper plant. Most Peperomia variatons originate frpm the Amazon region of South America, where they grow under warm and shady conditions. Peperomias are easy to care for and suitable for most places in the living room.

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♦ Height: Approx. 25 cm
♦ Origin: Mexico
♦ Family: Piperaceae.
♦ Common Name: Peperomia Marble, Peperomia White Marble
♦ Flower Color: White 
♦ Drought Tolerance: Medium
♦ Salinity Tolerance: Low
♦ Sun Tolerance: Medium.
♦ Wind Tolerance: Low
♦ Water-Logg Tolerance: The peperomia has succulent leaves that indicate that these plants don’t need frequent watering to maintain vigor. Allow the surface of the soil to dry out between watering’s.
♦ Fertilizer: When it comes to fertilizing peperomia plants, less is more. Discolored or dropping leaves are usually a sign of inadequate light or excessive watering, not poor nutrition.
♦ pH Level: Basic
♦ Pest Tolerance: Medium
♦ Disease Tolerance: Medium
♦ Growth Rate: Slow
♦ Fragrance: No

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant color, type, size, and arrangement may differ from the photo.

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